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Power Slips

Designed to eliminate manual lifting

World Petroleum Supply stocks the top industry manufacturers for Power Slips NOV, and F-E-T (Forum Energy Technologies)

NOV Power Slips • PS15 & PS16

NOV, National Oilwell Varco, power slips are designed to eliminate the manual lifting and setting of slips. The PS15 power slip uses coil springs as a counterbalance to offset the weight of the slips when in upper, released position. Slips are set by standing on the slipset ring. The foot pedal is pressed to release the slips.

The PS16 power slip is an air operated power slip controlled with various control options. The slips are set by gravity and released with air pressure much like NOV's casing elevator/spiders. The PS16 is equipped with a feedback kit for positive slips set indication.

Fits directly into NOV pin drive master bushings. Fits 27-1/2" and 37-1/2" to 49-1/2" rotary tables using adapter rings Accommodates 3-1/2" to 6-5/8" OD Drill pipe

Not be used for back up torque.

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PS21 & PS30 Hydraulic Power Slips • Improves both Safety and Rig Efficiency

The NOV PS21 AND PS30 hydraulic power slips improve both safety and rig efficiency as proven with the FMS Flush Mounted Slip. Proven technology gives optimal performance, high safety operation, allowing to run the whole string with one tool: centralizers, couplings etc, due to enlarged throat opening.

World Petroleum Master Stocking Distributor of Power Slips from NOV and FET.

Eliminates work platforms for stabbing and operating power tongs during casing running operations.

  • Power down slips reacts up to 45,000 ft.lbs (PS21) on 14" casing or 55,000 ft.lbs (PS30) of torque, on 20" casing with sufficient string weight.
  • Insert carriers make this a universal tool, not just another power slip
  • Allows the PS21 to handle all pipe types and sizes, including BHA's, collars, drill pipe, casing and tubing; PS21 from 2.3/8" to 14" and the PS30 from 2.3/8" to 20".
  • Quick changeover from BHA's to collars to drill pipe allows the PS21 and the PS30 to trip the entire string.
  • Insert carriers can be changed with pipe in the hole.
  • Carrier change can be done in 5 minutes or less.
  • Special "drop and lock, pull and release" design eliminates loose pieces such as bolts and pins.
  • The PS21 and PS30 can be fitted with insert bowls should it become necessary to use hand slips.
  • Reliable slips-set signal
  • Corrosion resistant nickel plated manifold blocks
  • Integrated pressure relief valve in slip actuators
  • Umbilical operations possible (optional guides available)
  • Like the insert carriers, the slips also have a rapid change system
  • Two handles on the middle slip segment retract and lock the springloaded slip retaining pin.
  • No loose parts.
Centering Device
  • The PS21 and PS30 are standard equipped with a centering device incorporated in the top cover.
  • Ram inserts up to 7.5/8” available in stainless steel (DP only) or mild steel
Slip set-back designed to pass tool joints, BHAs and casing centralizers
  • The slip set back allows tool joints and drill pipe protectors to pass without dragging on the inserts, even when drilling with 6.5/8" drill pipe.
  • The PS21/30 will pass: BHA's when tripping; Centralizers when running casing.
Hook Up Kit
  • A control panel, which can be located in the driller’s console, HUK (Hook Up Kit) with integrated flushing system, greasing pump, pressure switches, dependent on customer requirements, ready for plug and play.
  • Control panel -Stand alone control panels enables the driller to operate the slips.
NOV PS21 AND PS30 hydraulic power slips improve both safety and rig efficiency as proven with the FMS... information available from World Petroleum Supply, Inc.

NOV PS495 Hydraulic Power Slips • Series of Rotary Equipment Developed to Handle a DrillPipe and Landing String

* NOTE: IC #16 - #21: Insert contact height 11"

** These insert carriers are size specific and can't be redressed to another size

*** Dressing kit includes: inserts, size inserts and retainers

The PS495 Hydraulic Power Slips is a series of rotary equipment which has been developed to handle a drillpipe and landing string range and covers a range from 4.1/2” to 7.5/8” using replaceable insert carriers. With the increasing amount of deepwater rigs drilling in deep water, the need has arisen for bigger and higher capacity Power Slips that increase running efficiency and safety. Consisting out of a body and a door the Power Slip is designed having a dedicated rating and safety factor, as per API 7K, to handle string weights up to 1,500 sTon / 1,361 Tonne.

  • Power down slips reacts up to 30,000 ft.lbs / 40,600 Nm of torque, independent of string weight but depending on pipe diameter and grade.
  • The PS can be used in combination with NOV Rotary support Tables (RST) and able to be rotated without disconnecting hoses.
  • Fits directly into a 49.1/2” RST. Use of adapter rings allows the tool to be used in combination with 60.1/2” and 75.1/2” RST.
  • Tool is being remotely controlled by the driller using PS controls.
  • Reliable slips SET and slips-UP signal.
  • Crushing force is reduced due to special slip design.
  • Ability to be used with all (NOV) Iron Roughnecks (except when IR rail width is <75” / 1,905 mm)

NOV Power Slip Frame (PSF)

The NOV Power Slip Frame (PSF) improves drilling and tripping operations with simple, light weight, compact mechanical hydraulic slips. The slips may be operated via the hook up kit. In addition, the slips may be operated manually by foot pedal or hand operated control valve. This product does not wear CE-marking.


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