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Bulldog DC441 Drilling Catwalk

Perfect option for Drilling Contractors running Tubing Running Services on Land Rigs globally and the Middle East.

Bulldog DC441 Drilling Catwalk available at World Petroleum Supply, Houston.

Drillform’s Bulldog Drilling Catwalk DC441 offers fast cycle time and a 16,000 lb. lift capacity, accommodating larger pipe diameters up to 24”. Drillform’s single handler drilling rig catwalk is self-leveling, with optional wheels sets, X-Y walking systems (works with rig walking system), hydraulic fold-over v-door ramps, automated pipe bins, modular ramp height capability – great for companies moving the catwalk between different rigs/rig heights). The catwalk is radio controlled from the drill floor, with an integrated indexer, 10’ independent hydraulic pipe racks, kickers and skate. The modular and machined components contribute to ease and speed of maintenance. The optional wheel set is available for ease of transport and for crane-free rig-up/rig-down/set-aside for BOP maintenance work. The catwalk is designed to serve rig floors from 25’ through 50’ with stability and speed. The catwalk has manual rear controls that can operate the entire pipe handling sequence in case of remote-control failure.

The team at Drillform have been leading industry efforts to automate pipe handling since the late 1990s with their introduction of the TM series of Iron Roughnecks and PC series of catwalks, sold to Canrig/Nabors Industries in 2006. Drillform’s modern iron roughnecks are geared to address the challenges facing drilling contractors associated with more powerful rigs, and the drilling of deeper and more horizontal wells.

Upgrade option: wheel sets, X-Y walking systems (working with rig walking systems), hydraulic fold over v-door ramps, automated pipe bins, and modular ramp heights).


  • Access to pipe handling pinch points and pipe movements is eliminated.
  • Faster cycle times, higher lift capacity, and accommodation of larger pipe diameter.
  • Manual rear controls operate entirety of pipe handling sequence.
  • Radio controlled from the drill floor, integrated indexer, hydraulic pipe racks, kickers, and skate.
  • Modular and machined components contribute to ease and speed of maintenance.
  • Center clearance for existing wellheads.
Drillform's Bulldog Brand stocked at Housotn's Global Oil and Gas Equipment distributor, World Petroleum Supply.


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