Master Distributors of Oil Tools World Petroleum Supply, Inc.

Air Operated Elevators

VARCO/BJ TYPE & FMS Flush Mounted Slips

World Petroleum Supply stocks the top industry manufacturers for Elevator/Spiders from NOV, BVM Corp., and F-E-T (Forum Energy Technologies).

Air Operated Elevators

World Petroleum Supply's selection of Air Operated (Pneumatic) Casing Elevators are equipped with our patented bushing system, capable of handling a large range of tubulars with both square and tapered load shoulders.

  • Casing Elevator/Spider Pipes 2-3/8“ – 24-1/2"
  • Capacities from 250 Ton to 1,000 Ton
  • “Elevator closed“ visual feedback
  • BJ Type and Varco Type available
  • Optionally available with wear bushing to minimize wear and to decrease the noise level
  • Contact the Sales Team for more info.
Varco/BJ Slip Type 350 Ton Elevator/Spider distributed by World Petroleum Supply, Inc. in Houston.


  • World Petoleum Supply, Inc. stocks the full line of National Oilwell Varco
  • World Petoleum Supply, Inc. stocks Forum Energy Technology tools and equipment for the Rig Floor.
  • Manuafactured in the Rocky Mountains BVM Corp is a leader in Pipe Handling Tools and stocked in Houston, TX for Global Distribution.