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Brandt™ MA-RG Series

World Petroleum Supply, Inc. distributes for NOV - National Oilwell Varco Flow Control Products.

BRANDT™ MA-RG Series Agitators

The skid mounted MA-RG agitator is compact, and its low profile reduces headroom requirements and provides more layout space on top of the tanks. The gearbox is a triple-reduction helical-bevel gear drive system that reduces the rotational speed of the motor to drive the impeller(s). Up to 95% mechanical efficiency helps reduce horsepower requirements.

BRANDT MA-RG Series Agitators available in the US - World Petroleum Supply - TEXAS


Impellers are available with flat blades (radial flow), contour blades (axial flow), and canted blades (radial/axial flow). The impellers are sized according to tank volume and expected duty. Active mud system compartments—such as solids removal sections, mud mixing sections, and slug pits, which need a higher shear force to produce immediate mixing—are another consideration in impeller sizing.


Several types of shafts are offered. Mild steel shafts are cut to length and joined to the gearbox output shaft with a rigid coupling. Solid shafts are keyed at the bottom for impeller height adjustment. Hollow pipe shafts are available for deep tanks. They are supplied in flanged sections and bolted together, making them ideal for limited lifting height.

Contact your World Petroleum Supply representative for selection and size based on tank geometry for optimal mixing and suspension in each compartment.


  • Explosion-proof motors and starters (optional)
  • Provides optimal mixing
  • Triple-reduction helical gearbox
  • 95% mechanical efficiency


  • Can be used in a variety of locations
  • Lowers mud cost
  • Quiet, efficient, and low operational temperature
  • Reduced horsepower requirement


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