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No-Kink Sucker Rod Elevators

Cavins Oil Welll Tools No-Kink Sucker Rod available from World Petroleum Supply.

PURPOSE: Safe efficient handling of sucker rod sizes from 5/8" (15.88 mm) through 1-1/8" (28.58mm). Can also handle hollow type sucker rod and tubing.

Cavins Oil Welll Tools No-Kink Sucker Rod Close-up - World Petroleum Supply.

Special Features: Will not bend or kink sucker rods even under the heaviest loads.

Reversible-type body.

Capacity: The No-Kink elevator is available in a heavy type, 43,000-pound (19504.8 kg) capacity, for longer rod strings

NOTE: When ordering No-Kink rod elevator for use with hollowtype sucker rods or for handling tubing, please specify make and size of rod or tubing.

Two Types Offered: Plate and Solid-Body

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Blow Out Preventer & Rod Stripper • Sucker Rod BOP

Two types available: Model A 3" 3000 PSI and : Model B 4" 3000 PSI

The Cavin's B O P Control Sytem for Well Servicing stocked at World Petroleum Supply. The Cavin's B O P Control Sytem for Well Servicing stocked at World Petroleum Supply.

The combination Blowout Preventer and Sucker Rod Stripper combines safety and economy in a tool designed to perform the necessary function of line wiping. It can be operated from anywhere on the derrick floor utilizing pressure from bottled nitrogen, an optional hand operated hydraulic pump, or the optional BOP control system (Fig. 1C). When this tool is employed of wire line operations, a CAVINS Ball Lock Oil Saver is screwed directly into the top of the Blowout Preventer. When swabbing, a short lubricator the length of the swab between the master gate and the Blowout Preventer is all that is required. The Blowout Preventer is available in either the 3" size with full 3" ID clearance and 4" female. A.P.I. line pipe for the Ball Lock Oil Saver on top or the 4" size with full 4" ID clearance and 4" female A.P.I. line pipe threads top and bottom. Pressure connection is for 1/4" A.P.I. pipe. The units are tested to give full closure up to 3000 psi well pressure with no leakage. The full closure feature of the Blowout Preventer will give a temporary seal, allowing ample time to close the master gate should a well blowout occur.

The Cavin's B O P Control Sytem for Well Servicing stocked at World Petroleum Supply.

As a Sucker Rod Wiper, the unit affords exceptionally long wiping service and complete control of the well against possible leakage or blowout. The rubber wiping unit is comparatively inexpensive and very easy to change.


The BOP Control System stocked at World Petroleum Supply of Magnolia & Odessa provides the hydraulic power and controls necessary to operate the Cavins Blow Out Preventer and Rod Stripper during work-over operations (Fig. 1C). Due to its compact design, the unit takes up little space and also stores all accessories, controls and BOP equipment. The BOP accumulator is powered by rig air (26 CFM @ 100 PSI) to charge and maintain pressure stored in the system. The accumulator provides 3000 PSI + to the BOP, which gives an immediate closure or it can be manually operated by a 2 stage hand pump for stripping operations. The BOP Control System can be configured a variety of ways depending on what accessories or options are required by the customer.

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Cavins Automatic Tubing Tongs
For Casing-Tubing and Drill Pipe

Automatic Tubing Spider - Cavins Oil Well Tools & WestCo.

The “Advance” Spider developed by Cavins Oil Well Tools is considered to be the pioneer in power slips. Through years of experience and testing, many improvements have been made which make the Cavins “Advance” Spider the leader for a safe, economical, and trouble-free handling of tubular goods. Heat treated alloy steel is used throughout for the greatest possible strength and the longest wearing life with a minimum of weight. The shafts are hardened alloy steel for longer life. Replaceable steel bushings are fitted into the journal bearings. All bearings and journals are equipped with grease fittings for lubrication. Air Cylinders and Foot Valves are mist lubricated through the airstream. All Cavins “Advance” Spiders are equipped with a manually operated safety latch which may be used to positively lock the slips in their set position. Because of the Cavins BJ style oilfield well servicing tools.low operating pressure the slips cannot release from the tubing until it has been raised by the elevators, thus guarding against a lost string in the event that the Foot Valve is tripped accidentally. The Slips, Shafts, and Air Operating Mechanisms are protected by guards to prevent damage caused by the elevators or other outside forces. Through research and field testing our engineers are constantly on the look out for additional improvements which will assure the personnel in the field of receiving the safest and most maintenance free equipment that is available.

The Cavins “Advance” Spider is available in five models, Model “B”, “C”, “C-HD”, “F”, and “G”. All are designed for manual, compressed air, or hydraulic operation with the exception of the Model “G” which is available for compressed air or hydraulic operation only.

All Cavins “Advance” Spiders may be used on a rotary table with an adapter plate that fits into the square drive or pin drive master bushing, centering the Spider on the rotary table. This also permits the manually operated Spider to be rotated.


Cavins BJ style oilfield well servicing tools.

Model B, C, CH-D, E

Models “B”, “C”, and “C-HD” Spiders may be equipped with a Gate and Slips which are relieved to pass parallel strings of tubing. If the Spider is to be used with both single and parallel strings to any extent, it is recommended that both kinds of Slips and Gates be ordered. A standard feature of all Cavins “Advance” Spiders is a specially designed Gate Section which will allow the running of an electric submersible pump cable simultaneously with any size tubing string.

Cavins BJ style oilfield well servicing tools.

Model “F” Spiders Afford Manual, Pneumatic, and Hydraulic Operation

The CAVINS “Advance” Model “F” Automatic Spider is another industry tested and proven tool. Similar to the Model “B” and Model “C” Spiders, the Model “F” offers manual, pneumatic(air) or hydraulic operation mechanisms. The Model “F” Spider can handle tubular goods ranging in size from 2-3/8" O.D. through 8-5/8" O.D. and is favored for automation in light drilling operations or for heavy workover and production rigs. The load capacity for the Model “F” Spider is 400,000 lbs. NOW the Model “F” Spider is available also with CAVINS patented, Type “FCR” Full Circle Slips, with Replaceable Type “FCI” Inserts. The conventional, Type “TD” Slips, with Replaceable Inserts are also available.

World Petroluem Supply stocks the top workover and well servicing tools from the market including Cavins®, WestCo and NOV. Contact us for more information.
Cavins BJ style oilfield well servicing tools.

Model “G” Spiders for Heavy Drilling Operations

For heavy drilling operations, up to 700,000 pounds (350 tons) hook load capacity; the CAVINS “Advance” Model “G” Automatic Spider, is recommended where heavy duty, dependable service applies. The Model “G” Spider will handle tubular goods ranging in size 2-3/8" through 13-3/8" O.D. and is available for pneumatic (air) or hydraulic operation. Like all CAVINS “Advance” Spiders, the Model “G” utilizes a minimum of moving parts for ease of operation and very minimal maintenance. CAVINS patented and proven Type “FCR” Full Circle Slips with replaceable Type “FCI” Inserts, are used for the complete range of sizes in the Model “G” Spider. The long 16" gripping area plus 360˚ degree, 100% contact of the Type “FCI” Inserts, makes it the most positive pipe holding device of its kind. Competition can boast only a maximum of 70% contact of the pipe. The clear advantage being greater contact area causing far less chance of damaging or crimping heavy strings of pipe. Another proven asset of the CAVINS unique design is that there is no need for costly pipe guides to attach to the spider because the Slips and Inserts withdraw completely from the Spider Bowl and when disengaged allows full protection from damage by the string when it is in motion.

World Petroluem Supply stocks the top workover and well servicing tools from the market including Cavins®, WestCo and NOV. Contact us for more information.

Toolpusher Links • Sold in Sets Only

Cavins BJ style oilfield well servicing tools. World Petroleum Toolpusher Links for Well Servicing and Workover Rigs

Toolpusher Links are forged from a single piece of high grade alloy steel to provide maximum tensile strength. More weight and “plus-diameter” in critical areas make these Cavins/BJ links extra strong. Short upper eye design means better balance and easier elevator handling, while reducing wear of the eye section against the swivel bail or body.

Sizes available:

  • 1-3/4" 150 Ton | King & BVM Corp.
  • 2" 200 Ton (Big Eye) | WPSI
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Sucker Rod Hooks

Well Servicing/Workover Rig Sucker Rod Hook Cavins BJ style oilfield well servicing tools.

Purpose: Sucker rod handling equipment for every depth and operating condition.

Cavins/BJ® sucker rod hooks are offered in two sizes–20 and 35 ton capacities–engineered to Cavins/BJ’s exacting standards of quality. High-strength steel property machined, heattreated

The locking mechanism on both models is operated by means of a one-hand grip at the hook’s center of balance. This allows the operator to steady the hook, open the locking arm and engage or remove the bail in one smooth, continuous operation. A strong loop guard protects the operator’s hand.


The Cavins/BJ Model R-35 has a relief spring that provides 2–2-1/2" of travel. It has ample strength to lift a stand of rods, reducing the possibility of damage to pin and coupling threads. The Model R-35 Hook also has a large bail as standard equipment.


The Model R-20 has a rated capacity of 20 tons and the Model R-35 has a rated capacity 35 tons in accordance with API standards.

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Depthometer with Floorstand

Depthometer with Floorstand available from your global supplier, World Petroleum Supply, Inc.

Cavins BJ style oilfield well servicing tools.The Cavins Depthometer has no equal for quick, accurate wire line measurements of oil, gas and water wells, particularly when perforating, bailing, cleaning out, swabbing, single shot, or similar operations. It has proven value in both on-shore and off-shore operations. This tool is also used for measuring armored cable for submersible pumps. The Cavins Depthometer has made “stringing-in” obsolete, and is being adopted as standard equipment for production and well drilling operations. The Cavins Depthometer is available for 7/16" – 5/8" O.D. wire lines and 3/4" – 1" O.D.

The range for which the Depthometer is to be used must be specified on the order. If the tool is to be used for both ranges, an extra main measuring wheel can be supplied, which can be exchanged in the field in a few minutes time. Cavins Depthometers are available for recording measurements in feet or meters.

When ordering, please state the following information:

  • Range of Wire Line size
  • Measuring in feet or meters
  • Model “BL” All Bronze Bearing type
  • Model “CL” All Ball Bearing type with or without carrying case and stand or with Carrying Case and Hanger

Each Cavins Depthometer bears a Model Number and Serial Number. The range of size lines for which it is to be used is stamped on one spoke of the main wheel. When ordering spare parts please mention the Model, Serial Number and Wire Line size.

Shipping Weights and Measurements

  • Net Weight 36 Lbs. 16.3 Kg.
  • Tare Weight 24 Lbs. 10.9 Kg.
  • Gross Weight 60 Lbs 27.2 Kg.
  • Export Shipping Case: 14" x 17" x 21" = 2.9 Cu. ft. – 36 x 43 x 53 Cm. = .08 Cu. Meters.

Depthometers for special wire line size are available on application.
Maximum Reading 999,999 Feet or 999,999 Meters.
Net Weight of Depthometer Only11 Lbs 5.0 Kg.

Depthometer Eye Bolt Hanger

To facilitate the safe handling of the Cavins Depthometer on rigs where it is impractical or impossible to securely anchor to the usual Floor Stand, an Eye Bolt Hanger can be supplied. It can be supported from a sand line or cat line from the rig top. The hanger engages the Depthometer in exactly the same manner in which the floor stand is attached and simplifies the removal of the tool.

Depthometer Carying Case

The Cavins Depthometer and Stand or Eye Bolt Hanger can be supplied with a heavy duty, light weight carrying case. It protects the instrument and especially the counter from the elements and provides a compact storage place for complete assembly.

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