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World Petroleum Supply, Inc. is an authorized distributor for Drilling Instrumentation for complete accuracy. Contact Instruments is now distributed by World Petroleum Supply, Inc.

Type D & Type F Standpipe Pressure Gauges

Rugged Standpipe Pressure Gauges provide reliable accurate readings of standpipe pressures. Available in the Type D (Type 4) or Type F (Type 6) version, all Contact Instruments gauges are available in 2″ NPT, 1502 Hammer union or flanged connections. Our gauges are designed with an internal dampening system which reduces gauge fluctuation. Each gauge is liquid filled to minimize wear on the internal movement system which delivers smooth accurate readings in the harshest of conditions.

Unitized Mud Gauge Standpipe Pressure Gauges

Contact Instruments' Unitized Mud Gauge (UMG) utilizes a bourdon tube for extreme accuracy and durability. The UMG is easily viewed from a distance. The UMG has two options for the sensor cup. Rubber for standard applications and VITON for more demanding applications. The sensor cups can be field replaced in most circumstances. The sub of the UMG is made from 17-4 PH Stainless for durability

  • Threaded UMG
  • 1502 v1 UMG
Rugged Standpipe Pressure gauges provide reliable accurate readings of standpipe pressures available at World Petroleum Supply.
World Petroleum Supply located minutes from Houston is a global distributor for Contact Instruments.


Contact Instruments, OEM Drilling Instrumentation distributed by World Petroleum Supply.

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Contact Instruments OEM drilling instrumentation distributed by World Petroleum Supply, Inc. Texas.