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Thread Protectors


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Air-Operated Thread Protectors

Air-operated thread protectors in-stock at World Petroleum Supply, Inc offer safe, reliable casing and tubing pin-end protection. The working principle of the air-operated thread protectors is based on pressurization by rig air (72 to 130 psi, or 496 to 896 kPa), ensuring easy installation and reliable protection for all API standard and premium threads.


Three types of protectors are available:

  • The HD protector is designed for mild and cold climates.
  • The HDH protector is designed for use in tropical areas like the Middle and Far East, Africa, South America, and parts of Australia.
  • The HD-T/HDH-T protector is designed for tender-assisted rigs and pick-up/lay-down machines. The T-type protector features an aluminum reinforcement embedded in the buffer.
Air-operated thread protectors offer safe, reliable casing and tubing pin-end protection

Features, Advantages and Benefits

These durable protectors provide a 360° grip with greater, evenly divided holding power. Durability is enhanced because the outside of the protectors does not change in any way; only the inside inflates to provide a better grip on the pin.

  • The absence of moving parts, metal clamping bars, or other mechanisms provides a long and virtually maintenancefree life cycle, reducing downtime.
  • The bottom of each protector contains a rugged buffer, and only the inside of the protector inflates. These features afford excellent protection of pin seal surface.
  • The air protectors available from World Petroleum Supply located near Houston, TX provides a firm attachment to all thread types for greater operational flexibility.
  • Rugged construction makes these protectors resistant to high temperatures and rough handling for a longer life cycle.
  • Pressurization by air facilitates installation and release for operational efficiency


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