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Stabbing Guides


World Petroleum Supply stocks Stabbing Guides from Keystone Energy Tools and WPSI.

Stabbing guides help workers align two sections of tubing, drill pipe, or casing for male-to-female connections. They help guide the pin to the box threads while preventing face damage and connection failure. World Petroleum Supply stocks the top manufacturers in the industry three different styles to fit your application.

Features, Advantages, and Benefits:
  • The stabbing guide improves control while consistently aligning and safely guiding two pipe sections together, which reduces pin or box-thread damage.
  • The quality-engineered polyurethane shell and seawater-resistant stainless-steel collar increase durability, minimize maintenance, and thereby extend the life of the tool.
  • Large, positive-grip handles keep hands clear of stabbing connections, which provides an extra margin of safety while enabling personnel to control the connection.
  • The latching mechanism has a simple design for ease of use when latching onto and disengaging from the pipe.
  • The versatile stabbing guide is compatible with a range of casing sizes and connections.
We offer three types of Drill Pipe Stabbing Guides:
  • Heavy Duty
  • Casing Connection
  • Standard

The Heavy Duty type which is recommended for drill pipe and also the Hydril® rubber type to be used on tubing. Stabbing Guides help to reduce damages to connections while making up connections.

The Heavy Duty Type features include:
  • Polyurethane Inserts
  • Lightweight Aluminum construction
  • Corrosion Resistant Hardware
  • Adjustable Latch Cam
  • Range = 2 3/8” thru 8 ½” Tool joint OD
The Hydril® Rubber Type features include:
  • One Piece Rubber Body
  • Replaceable Latch & Catch
  • Range = 3/4″ thru 4 1

All three types provide the same protection and function in the same way. Our standard guides include an oil resistant rubber insert. The heavy duty and casing guides include polyurethane inserts. Polyurethane insert material is low-maintenance and very durable compared to the rubber inserts.

World Petroleum Supply maintains a large inventory of stabbing guides for your standard size tubulars. Items in stock ship the same day. Custom sizes are available upon request. When ordering, please specify tubular type and tool joint or coupling OD size.

A sampling of the Stabbing Guides stocked by World Petroleum Supply in Magnolia and Odessa, Texas.


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