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PXL Series Replacements


World Petroleum Supply, Inc. distributes for NOV - National Oilwell Varco Flow Control Products.

NOV BRANDT™ Premium X-tended Life (PXL) Series Shaker Screens

Increase well performance, lower overall costs, and increase shaker screen life with the PXL Series available from World Petroleum Supply, Inc the leader in BRANDT™ NOV products.

Lower well costs and increase performance

The NOV BRANDT™ Premium X-tended Life (PXL) series shaker screens are designed to last longer, make cleaner cuts, and hold truer cut points at comparable API numbers than the previous multilayer screen designs of the last three decades.

The NOV BRANDT Premium X-tended Life PXL Series Shaker Screen Replacement

Computer-modeled shaker screen design

PXL screens are the product of a new engineering methodology: computer-modeled shaker screen design. By providing a more stable frame and screen cloth throughout the service life of the shaker screen, the PXL Series offers truer cut points, improved solids removal, and higher flow capacity. Its innovative design enables screens to last longer than conventional shaker screens—in some cases up to eight times longer. The longer screen life and durability does not sacrifice its most important function of effectively separating solids and fluids for better overall solids control and drilling fluid performance.

PXL shaker screens are compatible with all BRANDT shakers and are compliant with API 13C RP (ISO 13501)


  • Computer-designed wire cloth combinations that increase screen life and enable consistently high separation efficiency
  • Computer-designed frame that resists plugging and maintains flow capacity
  • Compliant with API RP 13C (ISO 13501) and worldwide shaker screen selection specifications


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