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Pinnacle Series


World Petroleum Supply, Inc. distributes for NOV - National Oilwell Varco Flow Control Products.

NOV BRANDT™ Pinnacle Series Shaker Screen Replacements

The Pinnacle (PNN) Series screens are designed to fit all COBRA, KING COBRA, and LCM-3D Series shale shakers. All Pinnacle series screens are API RP 13C compliant. Find out more at World Petroleum Supply, Inc.

The Pinnacle™ Series shale shaker screens use an advanced frame and supporting plate design, combined with specifically created wire cloth panel, to effectively and efficiently separate detrimental drilled solids while maximizing drilling fluid throughout.

NOV Brandt Pinnacle Series Shaker Screen Replacement available at World Petroleum Supply, Inc.

Features/Benefits :

  • Plastic-reinforced tall peaks provide 38% more nonblanked open area (NBOA) than BRANDT™ flat screens and 14%* more than competitor replacement Pyramid* screens
    • Maximizes flow handling capacity
  • Reinforced screen frame design
    • Improved energy transfer from shaker basket to screen cloth
  • Individual seals around the screen perimeter
    • Minimizes fluid bypass
  • Compliant with API RP 13C (ISO 13501)
    • Ensures a consistent product that meets customer expectations globally

*Based on third-party testing.

*Pyramid is a registered trademark of the Derrick Equipment Company.


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