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Safety Clamps

Type C, Type T & Multi-Purpose "MP"

World Petroleum Supply stocks Safety Tongs from the top oilfield manufacturers includng NOV, BVM Corp., F-E-T (Forum Energy Technologies), and Keystone Energy Tools.

Safety clamps are a convenient way to secure flush tubular products during installation. The MP clamp can act as the last resort, when a piece of tubular slips through the slips. Especially in combination with handslips, the clamp will land on top of the slips, adding extra push down force to the slips and thus stopping the tubular from slipping through the slip. They are used to guard against dropping flush joint pipe, stream line drill collars, fishing tools, pre-pack gravel liners, wash pipe, etc.

The MP clamps should NOT be used for snubbing or lifting operations.

Safety Clamps secure flush to tubular products during installs. WPSI has Safety Clamps In-Stock.
Safety Clamps make work safer from World Petroleum Supply.

Adjusting for different pipe diameters: The safety clamp consists of individual links, flexibIy hinged together creating an uniform gripping pressure so that there is little danger of crushing thin wall pipe. The safety clamp can easily be adjusted to any diameter simply by adding links. Each link changes the effective gripping diameter of the clamp by 1".

MultiPurpose Safety Clamp Kits come with a protective box, and wrench.


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