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Rotary Bushings & Hinged Casing Spiders

Master Bushings • CB, MPCH, MSPC, CUL, CB, MSP

World Petroleum Supply stocks the top industry manufacturers for Rotary Bushings, Hinged Casing Spider and Casing Equipment from NOV, F-E-T (Forum Energy Technologies), Keystone Energy Tools and BVM Corp.

Master Bushings MBH1250, Landing String Bushings LSB1000 & LSB1250 with Slips

Casing Bushings

Pin Drive Hinged Master Bushing specially designed for floating and semi-submersible drilling operations. With insert bowl No.3 and optional insert bowls No.1 and No.2, the MPCH will handle 2.3/8" to 13.3/8" OD drill collars, tubing and casing.

Complete units are outfitted with No.3 Insert Bowl, Bit Breaker Adapter and Lifting Sling. Please verify stock available.

Rotary Table Size furnished by World Petroleum Suppy.
Casing Outside Diameter - Master Bushing Table
Bushing Type needed by Outside Diameter

YELLOW cells are not available as per API Latest edition
NOTE: Ratings only applicable to API latest edition items. MBH1250 AND LSB1000 AND LSB1250 master bushings, landing string.


NOV Master Bushings, HCS Casing Spider, CMS. UC-3 and CP Slips

Bushings & Slips

BAASH-ROSS 200 Ton Casing / HCS Casing Spiders & CMS / Spiders & UC-3 Slips, CP Slips


YELLOW cells are not available as per API Latest edition
NOTE: API 7k Latest edition with 4" taper for CMS-slips.

CUL & CB Casing Bushings

The NOV CUL & CB Casing Bushings are inserted directly into the rotary table and insure that the casing being run is perfectly aligned with the center of the hole. Model CU is a solid bushing and model CB is a split bushing. All of the bushings accept bowls of different sizes to accommodate a wide range of casing. Using CMS-XL or CP-S slips, since these bushings fit into the rotary table, the casing string can be easily rotated during cementing operations.

The CUL Casing Bushing
CB Casing Bushing availabe at World Petroleum Suppy, Magnolia, TX.

MPCH Master Bushing

World Petroleum Supply stocks a wide range of Master Bushings, Manual Slips for Your Job, When You Need It. The 37.1/2" MPCH pin drive hinged master bushing is specially designed for floating and semi-submersible drilling operations.

With insert bowl No. 3 and optional insert bowls No. 1 and No. 2, the MPCH master bushing will handle 2.3/8" to 13.3/8" OD drill collars, tubing and casing.

MPCH MASTER BUSHING availabe at World Petroleum Suppy, Magnolia, TX.


Bowl Umbilical
Recessed No. 3 Bowl - SLT
Umbilical Bowl (Master Bushing at World Petroleum Suppy, Inc.)
Umbilical Guide

** Complete unit comes with No. 3 insert bowl, bit breaker adapter plate and 4 way lifting sling part number 6699 / Oracle number 10788731-001.

SLT (Slip Lifter Tool) with Master Bushing RHS slips in Bowl and Master Bushings

For larger diameter umbilical with an API-7K latest edition rating a bowl no #3 with only one slot to the maximum opening possible is developed:

  • API 7K bowl rated for 750 sTon/680 Tonne.
  • Can be used with standard slips.
  • Can be used with RHS slips resulting in larger opening (SDHL/SDXL have a flange on the RH and LH top closing the opening).
  • In compliance with API-7K sixth edition.
  • Safe slip setting area indication.
  • Umbilical opening positioned such it can be used with automated slip lifter.
  • Can be used in combination with SLT.
Master Bushing Wear Guides
MSPC Master Bushing

Master Bushing Wear Guides

To avoid wear on equipment having a bore with a bowl #3 configuration when drilling, it is recommended to install a wear guide. Fits MPCH, MSPC, MSP AND MBH1250.

MSPC Master Bushing

The 27.1/2" MSPC solid body pin drive master bushing designed for all drilling operations. The pin drive allows the kelly bushing to ride on top of the rotary table and permits extended bowls to be used for better slip back up. With the extended API insert bowl No. 3, the MSPC master bushing will handle 2.3/8" thru 8.5/8" OD drill pipe, drill collars, tubing and casing. Insert bowl No. 2 can handle tubulars from 9.5/8" to 10.3/4" OD; while insert bowl No.1 is good for 11.3/4" to 13.3/8" OD.

MSP Master Bushing

**Complete unit comes with No. 3 insert bowl, bit breaker adapter plate and 2 way lifting sling: Part number 1021 / Oracle number 10014790-001.

With the larger rotary opening the standard No. 3 extended API taper is used. This allows the use of extra-long SDXL slips required for heavier loads.

MBH1250 Hinged Master Bushing

*WIRTH is a trademark of Wirth Maschinen- und; Bohrger├Ąte-Fabrik GmbH. The Wirth trademark and trade name referenced above are used solely for reference purposes and NOV is not affiliated with Wirth and Wirth does not endorse any of NOV's products.

For the safe handling of heavy weight casing strings, including bit, in combination with the corresponding landing strings, a new series of rotary equipment, having a dedicated rating and safety factor, has been developed.

  • Casing sizes up to 24", for string weights up to 1000 sTon.
  • 5-1/2" to 6-5/8" landing strings with dedicated drill pipe, string weights up to 1,250 sTon.
  • Dual upset drill pipe, string weight up to 1,250 sTon.
  • All standard pipe types and sizes with special #1, #2 and #3 master bushing bowls, string weights up to 750 sTon.
  • Standard bit breaker plates. Maximum bit diameter 29.1/2".
MSP Master Bushing


The MBH1250 Hindged Master Bushing for heavy weight casing strings... contact World PetroLeum Supply, Inc.
MBH1250 with LSB1250 landing string bushing and LSS1250 landing string slip

Casing Bushings

Height and internal diameters/tapers of casing bushing are 100% identical to standard NOV Varco BJ 24" Casing Bushing part number 16542 / Oracle 10153093-001. Interfaces with standard 24" CMS-XL casing slips.

Drilling Bowls

Interfaces with standard API handslips featuring a 1: 6 taper.

When removed from the MBH1250 bushing, a 29.1/2" diameter bit can pass through MBH1250, without the need to remove the MBH1250 from the rotary table, due to throat opening of 30".

These bowls feature the standard MPCH bit breaker holes. Standard bit breaker plates, kelly bushings, etc, fit into these holes. Interfaces with same torque backup blocks in the MBH1250 as above mentioned casing bowls for torque backup an assembly.

To handle 1,250 sTon capacity landing strings, the MBH1250 can be dressed with the LSB1250 landing string bowl. Combined with the special design landing string slips, the landing string can be run up to loads of 1,250 sTon. A 1,250 sTon rated BX style elevator will be connected to the upper tool joint, while the slip proof section is suspended in the LSB1250 with the special slips that have a 14 degree contour at the backside of the slips, rather then inserts.

SLT Slip Lifter Tool

The Slip Lifter Tool (SLT) is a tool especially designed to be used in combination with the heavy duty MBH1250 hinged master bushing, the LSB1250 Landing String Bushing and LSS1250 Landing String Slips. The SLT operates in combination with the dedicated hook up kit. The SLT also can be used for SDHL/SDXL/RHS-slips using the converting kit. It is CE-marked.

See Power Slips for additional information or Call the Sales Team at World Petroleum Supply serving the world with tools delivered ontime.

NOV Roller Kelly Bushings • World Petroleum Supply, Inc.

The Slip Lifter Tool is designed to work in combo with the heavy duty MBH1250 Hindged Master Bushing, the LSB1250 Landing String and LSS1250 Landing String Slips.

HDP Roller Kelly Bushings

Roller Kelly Bushings - HDP, HDS, XHDP

27" HDP Roller Kelly Bushing HDS Roller Kelly Bushing 27.1/2" HDP Roller Kelly Bushing

  • Widely recognized as the standard of the industry.
  • For master bushings with 25.3/4" pin circle 27 HDP of 23" pin circle, 20 HDP. Unit comes with wrench, wiper and wear gauge. Weight 1,500 lbs / 680 kg.

HDS Roller Kelly Bushing

For heavy duty square drive applications. Components are interchangeable with HDP. Unit comes with wrench, wiper and wear gauge. Weight 1,420 lbs / 644 kg.

Optional Lock Assembly

Locks for the kelly bushing in the master bushing for use offshore with motion compensators. Lock assembly may be ordered installed in 27-HDP only. To specify, add an"L" to basic part number of unit.

Lock Assembly alone:

  • Part Number 3695
  • Oracle Number 10139923-001


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