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Manual Tongs

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World Petroleum Supply stocks the top industry manufacturers for Manual Tongs NOV, BVM Corp. and F-E-T (Forum Energy Technologies)

The NOV HT tong is a tool designed for making up and breaking connections of tubular goods, from light tubing to heavy wall pipe and drill collars. There are 7 types, varying in torque capacity from 10,000 to 200,000 lbs / ft (13,560 - 271,000Nm).

Covered sizes are from 2.3/8" to 36". As from 13.3/8" the HT50 configuration is required for extended reach up to 36" to be used with the HT55 tong and hanger.

Interchangeable lug jaw design permits each tong to handle different sizes of pipe. By installing hinge jaws (available for some models), bigger pipe sizes can be handled.

The tongs can be assembled for either making-up or break-out by removing the hanger and turning the complete HT tong over.

NOV recommends the use of a snub line saver at all times for increased safety.

World Petroleum Master Stocking Distributor of Manual Tongs from top industry manufacturers.


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