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Safety Flex Handles

Use for Rotary slips, DU, Woolley

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Safety Flex Handles

World Petroleum Supply, Inc. provides Slip Safety Flex Handles from the top manufacturers to incorporate investment cast slip connectors and handles with thumb guards. They are joined together with high strength chain which is then covered with rubber to prevent corrosion. The Slip Handles were load tested to over 8,000 lbs. All handles are proof load tested to 1,000 lbs. prior to shipment.

  • Eliminates cuts from frayed cables
  • Reduces back injuries
  • Improves ergonomics
WPSI has a wide selection of rotary slips:
  • Type SD, DU, B and XL drill pipe slips
  • Type CMS and UC-3 casing slips
  • Type DCS and A Drill collar slips
Slip Safety Handle Type Illustration - WPSI with two locations.


Slip Safety Flex Handles improve back injuries, purchase all types at World Petroleum Supply, Texas


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