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Single Joint Elevators

All 18°type drill pipe

World Petroleum Supply stocks Single Joint Elevators from
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Single Joint Elevator

Single Joint Elevators

Single Joint Elevators are manually operated, Center Latch Elevators designed to handle all 18° type drill pipe and 90° connections including drill collars, collar type drill pipe, casing and tubing. Forum Single Joint elevators handle pipe sizes ranging from 2 3/8” – 42” and have a load rating of 2.5 up to 10 ton.


  • Manually operated
  • Capacities from 2.5 up to 10 ton (Higher load ratings available on larger sizes)
  • Pipe range from 2-3/8″ up to 42″
  • Safe area operating handles
  • Latch with safety latch lock
  • “Elevator closed” verification pin
The Single Joint Elevator available from multi manufacturers most sizes in stock. contact WPSI today.

Single Joint Elevator - SJH Horizontal Pick-up

The SJH horizontal pick up elevator is designed to pick up tubulars laying flat on surface without having to lift the tubulars prior to closing the elevator. The elevator is capable of lifting drill pipe, recessed/zip lift drill collars and casing. It will handle single joints of pipe straight from cantilever to off-line stand building systems.

Single Joint Elevator - SJL and SPL

The SJL and SPL single-joint, center-latch elevators are designed to replace unsafe rope slings for hoisting collar type pipe into position. The SJL 90° elevator enables the crew to handle pipe properly, help avoid damage to pipe threads and reduce the chances of accident or injury. The SPL elevator is the same as the SJL elevator except that the SPL elevator is designed for use on tapered pipe, conforming to API specifications for extreme line casing.

Single Joint Elevator - D-SJX Heavy Duty Version

The D-SJX is the heavy duty version of the SJX, capable of handling doubles and triples up to 12 STon / 10.9 Tonne.

High capacity single joint - 12 sTons (106 kN) API rating

  • DSJX is designed for running doubles or triples during off-line standbuilding.
  • DSJX used special inserts to handle a range of pipe types
  • Elevator can handle drill pipe and square shoulder pipe.

Single Joint Elevator - SJX Double Hinged

The SJX single joint elevator is designed for running single joints of tubing and casing from V-door to well center. It is double hinged for use with the CRT Casing Running Tool, or any other stabberless operation. Ergonomically designed handles with cast on stop pins prevent the lifting sling shackles from pinching hands. Suitable for loads up to 5 sTon / 4.5 Tonne.

High capacity single joint - 12 sTons (106 kN) API rating

Designed for pick-up and running single joints of tubing and casing from v-door to well center

  • 2-way access due to double hinge pin arrangement
  • Double hinged for use with CRT Casing Running Tool
  • No loose parts, as hinge pins are contained within the body halves
  • Clear visual gripping points for safe operation
  • Ergonomically designed handles, with cast on stop pins, prevent the lifting sling shackles from pinching hands and prevent shackles from getting stuck underneath the casing coupling while hoisting.
  • The position of lifting ears prevents lifting tubing, and casing with the SJX upside down.
  • Verification "latched-and-locked" safety pin
  • Lightweight for easy manual handling; on the average, 45% lighter than other single joints
  • Designed and qualified according to API 8C rules
  • Tubular sizes from 2-3/8" to 14"; information on larger sizes is available upon request
  • Rating of 5 tons


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